Smart Operations

Let our Smart Services™ help Implement your
IOT Solutions Quickly and Cost Effectively

Capture and Intelligently Leverage data from the ‘edge’

Optimize Performance, Operations, Resources, Profits and Customer Satisfaction Seamlessly Access Data from any Sensor or Legacy Equipment
Facilitate Advanced Analytics and Enhance Business Results
(No Programming or Development Required)

The Challenge

Modern data analytics can deliver profound new insights into vehicle operations, industrial equipment performance, infrastructure viability, and process optimization. However, massive quantities of this existing data is unavailable, locked in offline equipment designed before the commercialization of the Internet. As a result, organizations are unable to optimize performance, operations, resources, profits or customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Companies and municipalities can ‘IP-enable’ their offline equipment to apply advanced analytics that will enable them to realize tremendous value. Smart Connect’s SmartConnect Gateway™ solution connects to virtually any type of equipment or sensor, collects and normalizes the captured data, and then uploads this information to the cloud for analysis.

We Track Sensor Data in Industrial Processes



Apply Cognitive Analytics Enbaling People at Work to Make more Intelligent Decisions



Our Sensor Data Automation and Analytics as-a-service (SaaS) solutions function in countless industrial applications:

  • Upload diagnostic data from vehicle fleets for real-time insights into vehicle health, performance and predictive maintenance
  • Collect data from factory operations to avoid breakdowns before they happen
  • Connect to water distribution systems to optimize conservation
  • Collect data for air quality and traffic patterns for community health solutions
  • Maximize Smart City, Smart Transportation, Smart Environment, Smart Infrastructure performance
  • Realize Automated Public Safety and Situational Awareness and monitor, manage, and respond to emergency situations

The possibilities are limitless.

SmartConnect Gateway™ solution interfaces to a virtually unlimited number of devices and sensors, deploys very rapidly, delivering real value and intelligence out of the box, and requires no programming. Learn how Smart Connect can help you improve performance and gain critical insight into your operations.



Immediate benefits are derived from our SmartConnect Gateway solutions. Smart connecting existing equipment to data analytics can benefit industries in multiple verticals, most significantly Transportation, Utilities, Manufacturing and Smart City endeavors. Transmit data securely over wired or wireless networks into the cloud, facilitating analytics that enable intelligent decision making at the asset, process and business levels.



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Smart Connect has partnered with market leaders in data analytics and hardware design to bring
your equipment and sensors online. Track performance and realize breakthrough intelligence by quickly bringing your Smart City, Smart Transportation, Smart Environment, Smart Infrastructure, Automated Public Safety projects to fruition.