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The GPAC (General Purpose Automation Controller) System™ is a true Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) as described by ARC Web.

This blog brings you stories about the GPAC System™, documenting the multitude of uses and applications. Clients find the GPAC System™ to be the “swiss army knife”  for integrating diverse hardware, data collection and monitoring operations – it makes data and information from equipment, sensors, cameras – any device for that matter – available anywhere and anytime.

” ……. End users ask, “…. can we do this?” Yes, you can. “…. can we do that?” Hmmmm! We have not tried it before, but I do not see why not. Let’s give it a shot…. wow, it works ….. Cool! We never considered such a possibility or thought about using the GPAC System™ (GPoz) for this solution or that application. The GPoz ‘possibilities’ are endless; our imagination is the only limitation…”, resident dreamer and inventor of the  GPAC System™.

Users of the GPAC System™ benefit from simplicity and freedom of choices in hardware, solutions and applications!!


….. And The Winners Are …..

Facilities Management — integrate subsystems to provide Common Operating Picture (COP), Automated Situational Awareness (ASA), Physical Intrusion Detection (PID), and Occupational, Environmental, Health and Safety compliance. The CDPH EWS deployment is just one example.

Emergency Response, Pollution Monitoring and Control — ER is made easy with the GPAC System™ providing real-time video and sensor on-scene data for better and faster coordination efforts and information sharing. For 24/7 monitoring, baselines are establish and deviations trigger real-time alerts to response peronnel. Information and evidence are captured and stored pre/during/post events for training and successful prosecutions.

Researchers, Product and Solutions Development — the big chasm between power point project documents and deployment can be greatly reduced by utilizing the GPAC System™ to prototype. Reduced risk, time to market, time to solution deployment is easily achieved. Read More Here

OEMs and Turnkey Solutions — the GPAC System™ provides instant LAMP capability to your product and/or solution. Thus, your clients can access your turn key solution and/or product over a browser, with extensive processing forensics in a relational database, real-time alerts, functionality expansions and scalability. Read More Here

Electricians, Electrical and Engineering Firms, Architectural Firms and Designers — more than 80% of automation involves simple monitoring and control that does not require complications inherent in PLCs, engineering and support. The GPAC System™ brings a new dawn and paradigm to the automation world – DIYA – Do It Yourself Automation, Automation Made Easy™. Read more about Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) to see how you can help your clients deliver very simple solutions for complex scenarios that they can use and maintain, expand, scale and love you for life!

The GPAC System™ delivers seamless integration and a Common Operating Picture (COP).

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