Physical Intrusion Detection (PID) in a Box

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three security camerasMost physical security solutions, as in building, infrastructure, home security solutions, send out alerts after a breach – window broken, would be perpetrator jumps the fence – after the intrusion has occurred. Physical Intrusion Detection solutions (pIDS) should be able to cater for and detect when would be perpetrators are “casing the joint”, or undertaking a dry run. Welcome to a new paradigm!

The right security or situational awareness system for a large physical site is not just one that provides efficient reliable perimeter security and continuous CCTV streaming and recordings, with personnel (mostly inattentively) watching a myriad of screens. Combination of sensors and cameras provides intrusion detection, suspicious/odd behavior alerts and initiation of escalation procedures in almost real-time. Such a system must also be scalable, and relatively easy to deploy, operate and maintain.

The GPAC System™ meets the highest levels of physical intrusion detection performance, is infinitely scalable, easily configured and reconfigured to adapt to changes in operational requirements, and utilizes commercial multi-vendor off-the-shelf (COTS) or non-COTS components. This provides for the flexibility to monitor intrusion detection across a wide range of scenarios and performance parameters.

The GPAC System™ runs on the open standard secure Linux platform. The ability to configure the system, adapt  as the scenarios and demands change, using COTS sensor components means that the need to have specialized engineers on-site is reduced. Installation, training and operational costs are quite low; for example, it is possible for an electrician to deploy the system – no need for high end engineers/engineering; hence the use of local or vetted contractors a possibility. This may suit clients that have very high levels of security to maintain, and who would prefer to say, keep the use of external contractors to a minimum. The GPAC System™ realistically accommodates these goals, without compromising operational standards or capability.

Monitoring an integrated environment over the web

The GPACSystem™ provides the ability to monitor any installation via a web browser on a laptop, PC, PDA or phone. Users can connect with and monitor all of their installations using a web-enabled device, no matter where in the world they are physically located. Seamless integration of subsystems provides a COP (Common Operating Picture) and automated situational awareness. True convergence is experienced.

Internet architecture and a TCP/IP standalone network creates flexibility

Sensors send their data to the GPAC System™ via TCP/IP connections, and the ease of installation, deployment and re-deployment means additional monitoring requirements or expansion to cover a greater physical area is easy to achieve.

Other benefits include effective monitoring of large areas, and through real-time alerts, facilitate rapid response to detected breaches as the system automatically undertakes and initiates pre-configured responses. Characterization of the type of breach is made by the GPAC System™, so that alerts are rapidly passed to relevant authorized responders. Continuous staffing needs are reduced and thanks to constant automated monitoring, frequency of physical patrols can also be reduced.

The GPAC System™ runs on an open platform, so it can be operated and maintained by staff with little or no training. Open system architecture and lower cost COTS components means less staff specialization and easier recruitment. The net effect of low user training, ready component availability, easy deployment and scalability is that the GPAC System™ is one of the most efficient and cost effective physical intrusion systems available.

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