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Beyond providing high quality images, can conventional CCTV actually help reduce crime or incident response times?

Is 24/7 control room monitoring an effective use of funding and resources or is there a smarter approach?

How can disparate agencies and groups effectively work together if they don’t use similar systems or a common operating picture and automatically share resources?

The GPAC System™ combines both video and sensor data for fixed and mobile applications in a multitude of industries.

It is very easy to use the GPAC System™ to integrate multiple suppliers’ cameras and sensors to share real-time and critical on scene data and information, thus extending infrastructure utilization and adding to the portfolio of innovative technology solutions to protect people, assets and communities.

Sub-systems integration provides the capability to prevent unwarranted and unsavory behavior through automated and real-time machine-to-machine (M2M) communication of warnings to would be perpetrators, would be victims (deterrence) and alerting of respective stakeholders :: Automated Protection

Integration further enhances system capabilities as well as develops cost effective solutions for the wider community, creating a safer environment for all, supported by faster response times and prosecutable evidence.

According to the Department of Homeland Security Buildings and Infrastructure Protection Series Reference Manual,

“… Integrating the protective measures into a single system avoids duplicated or unnecessary protective measures. ……”

The desire is to deliver an all-in-one automated protection solution and system, facilitating layered detection, assessment and surveillance, coupled with machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, provide automated protection.  Thus layered and in-depth intrusion detection is totally achievable in the physical realm.

The GPAC System™ provides automated way of capturing odd human behavior and alerting respective stakeholders before and during an incident by:

  • integrating mobile and fixed systems using a completely flexible and expandable, future-proof solutions design
  • automating interoperability of and alerts from such systems, reducing monitoring costs and response times
  • facilitating the sharing of critical and on-scene-data and information in real-time with internal and external stakeholders

Effective Results

Installation of the GPAC System™ provides automated monitoring and protection, resulting in faster response times, reduction of criminal damage and increased successful prosecutions.

The GPAC System™ has been a wise investment (our clients say) as much more is achieved because of the use of COTS hardware, networking capability, less cabling and little or no engineering overhead – you only need electricians.

Automated and flexible situational awareness approach has removed the need for continuous and time wasting stake outs;

“….. we can obtain data from areas previously not covered by CCTV and capture quality evidence….. “, said one client

Establishing positive, working partnerships and bringing law enforcement, businesses and residential communities together through innovative, flexible and cost effective solutions to the problem of monitoring public and private places.

Demonstration of how technology can help solve some unsavory social problems as well as bring automation to industries that would not nomrally automate their processes due to high overheads:
Applications of the GPAC System™ include community safety, crime prevention, covert surveillance, environmental monitoring, aquaculture and agricultural process automation, research automation, home automation, remote monitoring, with recognition highlighting how the use of now technology, in addition to social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube etc. further contribute to the well being of our society. You can have your GPAC System(TM) send out Tweets to alert communities and the public to incidents. For exmaple, alerting the public to bad air/water quality in an area.

This pioneering approach has and continues to generate real results, saving both time and money to automate, integrate and put to use sub-systems that would otherwise not be as effective when deployed as stovepipe solutions.

The GPAC System™ strong platform, secure technology and partnerships provide an exciting opportunity to bring innovative and futuristic design solutions to a wider audience.

Through automated layered detection and protection in the physical realm, delivering technology to enable sophisticated yet flexible and automated risk management, cost effectively benefits enhanced corporate and organizational resilience, greater use of hardware and IT resources, facilitates interoperability (among hardware, sub-systems, stakeholders) and ultimately, simply adds to the bottom line.

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