“Classified” Remote Sensor Network


The Client

This project entailed the monitoring of “classified” government infrastructure consisting of a Wide Area Network of 23 sites, located in remote, uninhabited regions of sandy desert with great temperature extremes over a geographical area in excess of 2 million square kilometers. The project was developed to replace a large proprietary monitoring system which had been operational for many years. The function of the proposed new system was to maintain the performance of various sensor monitored systems such as Air-Conditioning, Pump and Power Generators, Lighting, Access Control, Elevators and Physical Security, via a central Command and Control facility. Several sites have up to 18 different types of sensors to be monitored.

Effective Results

The entire, 23 site GPAC System™ was operational within 8 weeks and allowed the client to interface and reprogram a diverse range of environmental sensors that are not usually supported in security monitoring systems. In addition to cameras and motion detectors, the GPAC System™ can interface with any Open Standard device which gave our client almost limitless options. The recognized benefits for the client are:

  • The ease of use of the GPAC System™ made staff training of non-English speaking personnel simple and fast
  • Installation done by qualified electricians, which is much less expensive and time consuming than retaining an Engineer
  • The client can purchase Commercial Off the Shelf products if hardware components require upgrading or replacing
  • The GPAC System™ is now delivering superior coverage with fewer staff resources
    GPAC System™ is IP Based and so can be scaled very economically
  • The cost for the client was around 9 times less expensive than alternative PLC systems