Automating Covert Operations and Stakeouts


The Client

Established in 1981, Meridian Services is one of the largest and most reputable licensed investigation and security companies in Western Australia. Meridian Services delivers the highest quality covert surveillance, investigation and security services to a wide variety of clients including Australia’s major insurers, solicitors, and Government agencies. To reduce operating costs, Meridian Services was interested in finding a way to automate the laborious, and sometimes dangerous task of vehicle-based surveillance by their operatives in the field.

Effective Results

Meridian used the SmartConnect Gateway™ to establish unmanned, automated surveillance activities, reducing both cost and the risk of operations being compromised. When an event occurs, video footage can be reviewed remotely and appropriate action taken. Personnel can quickly and easily move surveillance equipment between locations so that several different sites can be monitored over a short period. An important consideration for Meridian is data integrity of video evidence; an audit trail is created on the SmartConnect Gateway™ database allowing the information to be later utilized in court, potentially leading to successful prosecutions.

Meridian is now able to set up unmanned, automated surveillance operations, minimizing the likelihood that field-based operations may be compromised. Personnel can easily review footage remotely and quickly respond, and easily move the system between locations, enabling several different sites to be monitored over a short period. Meridian can also integrate new devices depending on different scenarios. The Smart Connect Gateway™ is more than video; Meridian can use the system with other devices and vibration sensors to detect movement.