IT Augments OT in Early Warning System Solution for Facilities


The Client: California Department of Public Health’s Environmental Health Laboratory

The California Department of Public Health’s Environmental Health Laboratory (EHL) is located on the department’s Richmond, California campus. EHL is responsible for analyzing environmental and biological samples for the presence and quantities of toxic substances such as pesticides and lead, physical agents such as asbestos, and biologically derived airborne contaminants such as molds. The facility sits within 200 yards of a sizable cold storage facility and the potential for a hazardous release of anhydrous ammonia refrigerant into the air.

Effective Results

The SmartConnect Gateway™ enabled EHL to easily set up an early warning system that integrates weather equipment, air quality sensors, and IT so that it can pro-actively guard against the potential hazard of ammonia discharges and leaks.

The facilities management staff (FMS) gained the ability to respond within seconds of an ammonia release, safeguarding the safety of more than 1350 staff members. Also, with text messaging delivering early warning communications, FMS are no longer tied to sitting in the control room; allowing for one less staff per shift

The Early Warning System integrated a Model 17i Chemiluminescence NH3 Analyzer with a MetOne Weather Station giving the client access to data anywhere, anytime, via the Internet. The whole system can be controlled via the Internet to retrieve data, set trigger alarms or provide scheduled data logging.