Expanding Public Safety Situational Awareness with Mobile Monitoring


The Client

The City of Belmont, Australia is a vibrant community located 6 kilometers from Perth CBD with a population of around 31,000. The City aims to provide an environment that is attractive, safe, healthy and prosperous by working closely with the local Police service and the Office of Crime Prevention to ensure a collaborative and coordinated approach to crime prevention. Part of this initiative includes operating a security patrol service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Effective Results

The Coordinator of the City’s Crime Prevention and Ranger Services believes the SmartConnect Gateway™ has been a wise investment of City resources. “We were going to invest one-million-dollars in CCTV infrastructure; however now with the SmartConnect Gateway™ we can achieve so much more because of the networking capability, less cabling and less engineering”. The city’s installation of the SmartConnect Gateway™ resulted in better graffiti prevention and more successful prosecutions. Cameras can be set to record only upon sensing activity; “The SmartConnect Gateway™ has removed the need for continually monitoring video and stakeouts, meaning they can obtain data from areas previously not covered by CCTV and capture quality evidence that leads to successful prosecutions.