Home Automation


The Client

The residence is a high value second home, located in an exclusive, beach-side community 300 km south of Perth. The property is used both by the client and his family, and as an investment property is regarded as a much valued asset and holiday location.

Effective Results

The owner is now able to monitor the property remotely from the convenience of the office in Perth. No more need for unplanned trips to the property for maintenance or security concerns. The sprinkler system can be remotely controlled if a fire threat is raised, helping to reduce risk on a valuable asset. The GPAC System™ offers complete security and peace of mind and being able to check out the surf conditions from his desk is a real bonus! Installation of the GPAC System™ enables the owner to enjoy his favourite escape even when his busy schedule doesn’t allow him to visit. The owner is now looking forward to being able to add more sensors and cameras as the situation changes at his property, whether for personal, security or environmental reasons, taking advantage of the latest releases in technology.