Smart Partnering

Smart Connect has teamed up with market leaders in data analytics and tech hardware to deliver cutting-edge IIoT solutions for industry

Smart Connect has partnered with IBM and the Watson IoT Solutions Group to help customers realize the value available in an IoT world


Watson Analytics unleashes the benefits of advanced data analytics without prohibitive investment in hardware and staff. A smart data discovery service available on the cloud, it automatically compiles data from a broad range of operations then guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics, and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation. Watson’s capabilities to explore, predict, and assemble data offer numerous industries the opportunity to improve operations, unearth new insights, predict outcomes, help establish preventive maintenance practices, and identify hidden problem areas.

The SmartConnect Gateway™ collects, normalizes, and uploads sensor and equipment data to the cloud. From there, IBM Watson goes to work, revealing new insights into the performance of virtually any type of industrial equipment, allowing for process optimization, and granting higher-level business intelligence. Collaborative page

SmartConnect Gateway™ is a next generation of IoT Gateways by DELL  and VIATECH, allowing it to be deployed in any environment. Using Smart Connect’s software, these low-cost and easily installed units can connect to virtually any sensor or device, collect and normalize data, and immediately upload to the cloud in real time via a secure connection. IoT Gateways can be deployed selectively, targeting only the most critical operations and keeping costs low. Flexible scaling allows more sensors to be smart connected as operations expand. Furthermore, IoT Gateways are hardened, allowing them to be deployed in harsh environments, such as bus engines, water meters, and factory floors.