Pollution Response


The Client

The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) is responsible for protecting and conserving the environment and nature of Western Australia for future generations. Pollution control is an integral component of this responsibility and the Department has created a Pollution Response Unit to provide:

  • Prevention of pollution including blitz and pre-emptive
 strike strategies
  • Identifying polluters and mounting cases for legal
  • 24/7 first response to pollution-related incidents and
  • Identification, sampling and monitoring of hazardous
 materials during these incidents
  • Containment and clean up advise at incidents and
  • Environmental advice to other Government
 departments on pollution issues

Effective Results

The Manager of the Pollution Response Unit explains how the system is working operationally: “We have now deployed on the vehicles, a one switch button whereby we can not only record incidents, but also view them on the internet anywhere, anytime. Additionally, we can control the vehicle cameras, alarms, and sensors from any browser which is critical to our ability to view the incident and retrieve the important chemical date for decision making anywhere anytime.The GPAC System™ installed also allows us to retrieve data, set trigger alarms from our gas monitors and detectors via the internet and the new 3G mobile phone system.

Lately, we have installed LEL, VOC, CO, NH4, H2S, Cl, SO2 and HCN detectors on top of our vehicles. Wireless internet connection to the GPAC System™ in the vehicle, means that as we drive through a chemical plume, we receive data in real time and see exactly what is happening as the events unfold. Next is to set triggers on the detector readings so that the GPAC System™ can alert the operators in the vehicle via an enunciator as to the levels of any particular chemical.