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Government organizations around the world require the utmost in public safety and security, from protecting employees in laboratories, facilities, and offices, as well as the everyday citizen. They undertake sensitive research projects, respond to emergencies and run critical infrastructures.

Today, governments are more reliant than ever on data, systems and analytics to efficiently serve the public. Some organizations are setting innovation standards by embracing and implementing new technology. In many cases they are contributing to the Industrial Internet’s establishment and to their countries’ technological leadership.

Government may lead by example, as is the case with energy efficiency, and legislate or otherwise influence technology adoption by the private sector. This role is integral to the Industrial Internet’s continued advancement and has an enduring effect on global productivity and sustainability.

Citizens and communities can start to benefit from IIoT solutions much more quickly. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and license solutions “smart connect” legacy and other offline sensors and equipment to powerful advanced web applications like IBM Watson Analytics – Quickly, Simply, Cost Effectively.

Find out how Smart Connect can jump start your Smart City, Smart Transportation, Smart Community Health, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Automated Public Safety and Security projects.