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SmartConnect Gateway™ Solutions

Your Equipment, Your Sensors, Your Data

The SmartConnect Gateway™ can securely access and capture data from any industrial equipment or sensor, aggregates this data from multiple disparate devices into a cloud based analytics platform, and improves operational and equipment efficiencies and productivity. Our gateway solution interfaces to a virtually unlimited number of devices and sensors, deploys very rapidly, delivering real value and intelligence out of the box, and requires no programming.




Deploy the SmartConnect Gateway™ solution, our software pre-loaded on OTS hardware, to connect to your sensors and devices. With no programming required, the implementation can be performed by your technicians, with support from Smart Connect.

Smart Connect software enables the IoT Gateway hardware from our partner to connect to virtually any sensor or device, collects and normalizes data, and immediately uploads it to the cloud in real time via a secure connection. IoT Gateways can be deployed selectively and cost efficiently, targeting critical operations.

Analyze with IBM Watson

Once sensor data is connected to the Internet, it can be explored by data analytics services. One of the many benefits of our partnership with IBM is the ability for customers to utilize Watson, the leader in easy-to-use and advanced analysis. Watson can provide data insights into your equipment’s performance without the need for data scientists, specialized training, or complicated processes.

Sensor data collected by IoT Gateways are uploaded by wired or wireless networks to our partner cloud platform suite, the IBM Watson IoT Platform with Cloudant, a NoSQL database, where it is aggregated. Cloudant’s built-in integration with DashDB, a relational database, allows unstructured transactional data to be converted into analytical data, where it can then be explored by Watson Analytics. We do the work of accessing your previously unavailable data and facilitating its conversion into valuable insights to help you improve your bottom line.


Reap the Rewards

The IBM Watson IoT Platform presents your data in easy-to-read dashboards, allowing you to uncover new insights, predict outcomes, optimize operations monitoring and support, and actively analyze critical sensor data. Our clients use data-supported insights to make confident business decisions and evolve their operations.