Smart Transportation

Cost-Effectively Transform Fleet Performance and Operations
Predictive and Cognitive Engine Data Processing

Transportation is the lifeblood of the world’s economy, linking supply and distribution across all industries. Without efficient and rapid transportation, commerce would stall to a snail’s pace. Global business enterprises demand fleets offering just-in-time heavy-duty trucks and railroad cars now more than ever before. And moving people in today’s cities requires timely and reliable service to assure an effective workforce and satisfied riders.

However, many transit organizations are challenged by buses and trains with 20th Century systems that break down all too often, leaving passengers stranded and waiting for replacement vehicles. This has proven to be a very costly problem for transit operators. Trucking fleets are also troubled by unexpected equipment failures. Most of these fleets rely on older engine sensing technologies that are not Internet enabled and cannot exploit innovative web applications. How can such legacy systems be transformed into smart “OnStar™”-like self-diagnostic solutions, optimizing maintenance and reliability?

Smart Connect and IBM have partnered to enable fleet operators to leverage advanced cloud-based technology, and convert older vehicles into smart, self-monitoring, and timely reporting systems. We do this by unlocking real-time engine sensor data and linking it to state-of-the art cloud-based analytics, thus bringing breakthrough operations intelligence to fleets. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution “smart connects” legacy engine sensors to the power of advanced web applications like IBM Watson Analytics – Quickly, simply, cost-effectively.

Find out how Smart Connect can transform your fleet operations with real-time Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) awareness, and predictive and preventive maintenance solutions.